How to Start an Internet Radio Station ?

Do you have aspirations to be a radio broadcaster? Would you like to share your favorite tunes? Here’s how to do it easily.

What Is an Internet Radio Station?

First off, let’s explain exactly what an internet radio station means.

A radio station refers to a musical or talk show that transmits audio via radio waves. These radio waves travel through and across cities, delivering the music or talk show directly to radio devices. Of course, these radio waves travel on different channels depending on the station, so people can switch between them.

When someone refers to an internet radio station, they’re talking about a musical or talk show as well. But this time, it doesn’t travel around using radio waves but the internet. That means it won’t be available on every radio device, but only in those with an internet connection.

Of course, a real radio station depends heavily on software, hardware, and internet connection. And sure enough, it often requires a network or a website.

However, there is also a radio station with an AUTO DJ . You do not need any accessories, any hardware or special software.

You need to choose the right radio hosting package, upload your playlist and that’s it. Your radio has already started broadcasting and is available now worldwide.

How everything works ?

Each of our radio client will enjoy their own radio station with amazing super features. provides everything need to success on radio streaming, includes fully AutoDJ, Shoutcast v1, v2.5, v2.6 and IceCast features.

Our SSL solution provides free SSL(HTTPS) to all radio versions, even SCV1 has SSL and all radio listeners are with true listeners ips on live statistics.

You have the opportunity on air features, inserting jingles live to the stream, inserting text to voice by real human pro voices, using microphone and inserting your own voice like a jingle, playing any track live on the stream with a nice fade effects and even changing the entire AutoDJ playlists on air.

Imagine these all happens without dropping a single listener from the radio, including DJ Accounts Manager.

Playlist Manager

Clients has the most advanced playlist manager while it is easy to use. You can simply drag&drop tracks to change the play orders of a playlist, Drag&Drop MP3 upload system via browser, 100x faster and chunked. Editing metadata of the tracks fully ID3V2 and playing a track immediately on the radio, searching tracks without load.

All features are on the playlist manager is without dropping listeners and no interrupts on the radio.

Media Library

The music library allows you to create own album folders and upload mp3 files to the folders by using drag&drop multi upload system on the same screen. The mp3 files then drag&drop from the center list to the left side on the playlists to add them into playlists.

What about security?

All radios are fully protected from DDOS attacks by a connection rate limits on the backend before even reach to the radios. Your radio comes with internal brute force protection and firewall services, that are fully supervising under team.

And finally, try it for free 🙂

These days, things have moved on from collating a playlist with Winamp and streaming it. For a more dynamic approach to streaming your own radio station from the comfort of your PC, we suggest trying one of services.

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